We are a 100% Portuguese company established in 2021, which was born out of the will to create a platform that would speed up the transition and energy independence of companies in Portugal.

With a team with over 25 years’ experience in the areas of engineering, industry and finance, we help companies reduce their energy costs and move towards responsible decarbonisation.

Our share capital has recently been strengthened with the arrival of a strategic investor, with whom we share the common goal of investing in a better future.

We provide a turnkey service consisting of the installation of photovoltaic plants for self-consumption or renewable energy communities, without any upfront investment on the part of our customers.

We create a medium- to long-term partnership, which includes sizing, engineering, procurement, construction and all the necessary licensing to connect these power plants.

In return, we sign a medium-long term agreement for installation, operation and maintenance, in which we sell the energy produced by the power plants at a competitive rate (typically 30-50% below the supplier in the solar period), removing market risk and allowing our customers to make significant savings on energy costs.

After the end of the agreement, we hand over the power plant to the customer, allowing it to operate at a very low marginal cost.

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Our purpose is to accelerate the transition and energy independence of companies in Portugal by decentralising energy production as well as boosting energy efficiency.

Voltrust has just connected 1,998 kWp of photovoltaic capacity at one of Portugal’s largest industrial food companies. It’s an installation made up of car ports and roofs, which will enable our customer to attain 29% energy independence, and which will produce almost 3 GWh/year of clean energy. Around 1,400 tonnes of Co2 emissions per year will be prevented, the equivalent of planting more than 36,000 trees annually.

At Voltrust we firmly believe in doing our share for a better future by pursuing our purpose – to contribute to the energy transition and independence of companies in Portugal. As we see it, such a transition and independence can only be unequivocally guaranteed by decentralising energy production, investing in and installing renewable energy production centres where energy is consumed. This is the future we envisage for energy – a decentralised, more efficient, more sustainable form of production. And it is in this future that we intend to invest, by creating added value for our customers.